Welcome to The Going In The Zone Course

This Going In The Zone course is designed to easily train your mind with sports specific mental fitness workouts and explains in everyday language how you can enhance your performance with innovative sport psychology techniques.

While science supports everything on this course it is not designed to be an academic research study. You’ll find wisdom and and practical advice as I explain how to create a winners mindset in a way that is easy to understand and apply. 

The fields I draw on are sport psychology, hypnosis, neuro-science, cognitive behavioural science and more. These have been around for many years. What I offer you on this course is a mixture of the best exercises I have used with my clients as well as some ideas from people much smarter than I am. 

Whether you are a junior sports competitor, an international elite, a coach or a sports parent, you will benefit from the powerful array of techniques and strategies for channelling and harnessing mental skills with the goal of improving  overall performance. 

Learn what works and what doesn't when it comes to performance enhancement and preparing for competition.

All the practical exercises found on this course have been tried and tested with my clients in competitive situations including World Championships and the Olympic Games. For the first time I have put them all into one place.

I'm Alan Heary and I prepare people to go beyond! I can help you achieve things that aren't possible for most humans.

I have helped people become Olympians and World Champions. Many other clients have finished some of the toughest Ultra Endurance events in the world when many others didn't think it was possible.

I know mental toughness! I don't just have all the qualifications, I live it. I run Ireland's most hardcore bike race and I compete in some of the world's toughest ultra endurance events including the Race Across America.

Now this knowledge is available to you through the Going In The Zone course. Not only that but I will work with you directly to help you achieve the success that you are looking for. 

WARNING: This course is only for people who take their sport seriously and want to reach their full potential.

The Going In The Zone course is an essential tool for anyone involved in sport. It is created to help coaches, teams, parents and sports people alike develop their mental edge and realise their true potential.

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Discover The Techniques I Have Used With My World Champions and Olympic Athletes to Help Them Consistently Compete with Absolute Commitment, Courage, Confidence and Concentration.

  • Control Pre-Competition Nerves

  • Eliminate Distractions

  • Perform With Confidence

  • Thrive Under Pressure

What You Get When You Enrol Today

Mental training and toughness are just as important as physical ability. I have spent 2 years building this course and packing it with practical training techniques and helpful strategies for those looking for that winning edge. Whether you are a competitor, coach or parent this course will help you reach new levels of performance.

  • Over 60 Mental Training Videos

  • 70+ Practical Step By Step Exercises

  • Mental Fitness Testing and Profiling

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  • Fun Quizzes

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Course Content

8 Modules, Over 60 Training Videos and 70 Easy to Follow Exercises